Set up and manage your accounting department

Cashflow Management - Financial status - Business result - Tax obligations

Are you facing these difficulties ?

Accounting and Tax matters

How to set up initial legal/ accounting / tax properly to avoid potential risks in futures ?

How to produce useful accounting information for business decision-making process ?

Tax obligations

How to comply with local changeable tax requirements and minimize tax risks ?

Our professional services with cost saving manner

Accounting Solutions for FDI company

Set up and restructure your accounting system

This solution help Client build up internal accounting system and training qualified staff for long-term purpose.

  • Working with Client to understand business

  • Design chart of accounts for business and tax purpose

  • Advise to select accounting software upon Client's budget

  • Training staff using accounting system

  • Supervising the accounting department

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Financial Controller service

Depending on Client's business status , we offer the outsourcing service for positions such as Part-time Financial Controller or Chief Accountant to support:

  • Handle initial procedures (legal, human labor, IT, operation)

  • Managing Finance / Accounting department

  • Operation management

  • Working with auditor for yearly audit report

  • Representative working with local authorities

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Accounting & tax software for SME business

Profic accounting & tax software is a dynamic tool designed specially for non-accounting people and business owners can use easily after 2 - hour training session. Users can access useful information as financial reports, management reports and tax reports with special dashboard, suitable for:

  • Business owners at SME business

  • Accountants

  • Non-accounting people who is in charge of supervising accounting department

Useful output reports:

  • Financial status report

  • Profit & Loss report

  • Cash flow report

  • Other management reports

  • VAT report monthly, quarterly

  • Corporate income tax report

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About Profic Vietnam

Profic Vietnam, a member of Profic Group, provides accounting solutions to set up and manage accounting & tax matters for FDI business in Vietnam market.

Our approach is working with Client to understand particular business before advising practical solutions with a cost effective manner.

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