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Set up accounting system for new company

Cashflow Management - Income statement - Tax obligations

Are you facing these difficulties ?

Accounting and Tax matters

How to set up initial legal procedures properly to avoid potential risks in future?

How to produce useful accounting information to meet business management and local tax requirements ?

How to decide the suitable accounting solution with cost saving manner ?

What are advantages / disadvantages of outsourced accounting service compared with establishing accounting system at your office site ? 

Tax obligations

How to comply with local changeable tax requirements and minimize tax risks ?   

In case you want to build a stable system supporting both business management and tax purpose for long-term purpose, setting up a suitable accounting system at your office site is recommended.

Working model of setting up accounting system

For business management

For Tax Department

Financial reports for business management purpose

Reports for local tax department

What are differences from our solutions ?

About Profic Vietnam

Profic Vietnam, a member of Profic Group, provides accounting solutions to set up and manage accounting & tax matters for FDI business in Vietnam market.

Our approach is working with Client to understand particular business before advising practical solutions with a cost effective manner.

Typical projects our team experienced

Accounting Solutions for FDI company

Financial Controller service 

Depending on Client's business status , we offer the outsourcing service for positions such as Part-time Financial Controller or Chief Accountant to support:

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