Financial Controller service

Manage and control your finance department

When your business expanding, hiring a Part-time Financial Controller / Chief Accountant from Profic to manage your accounting department help company saving labor cost considerably.

What are benefits of Financial Controller outsourcing ?

  • Help monitor the performance of accounting department

  • Help checking financial report, management and tax reports

  • Have a Manager working with internal & external department

  • Advise to limit potential accounting risks, tax risks

  • Advise practical solution to management team

Work scope of Financial Controller service


  • Checking accounting papers

  • Checking financial reports

  • Checking tax reports

  • Supervising accounting dept.

  • Manage accounting system running smoothly


  • Manage operation cash flow

  • Profit & loss report by project

  • Prepare report for business management

  • Advices for expense control

  • Business performance review


  • Corporate income tax

  • VAT report

  • Personal income tax

  • Foreign contractor tax

  • Tax finalization

About Profic Vietnam

Profic Vietnam, a member of Profic Group, provides accounting solutions to set up and manage accounting & tax matters for FDI business in Vietnam market.

Our approach is working with Client to understand particular business before advising practical solutions with a cost effective manner.

Typical projects our team experienced

Accounting Solutions for FDI company

Set up and restructure your accounting system

This solution help Client build up internal accounting system and training qualified staff for long-term purpose.

  • Working with Client to understand business

  • Design chart of accounts for business and tax purpose

  • Advise to select accounting software upon Client's budget

  • Training staff using accounting system

  • Supervising the accounting department

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